Jeans have become one of the most popular fashion items today. Jeans are the world’s most attractive clothes and have almost no limitations. Regardless of gender and age, fashion lovers of various social classes wear the product. But did you know that jeans used to be “working class” pants in the United States?

Historically, jeans can’t escape a man named Levi Strauss because these pants were born into the world out of his hands. In 1847, Levi went to San Francisco, where at the time there was the “Gold Rush”, to sell his wares, a canvas that could serve as tents for the miners. But the canvas he was carrying was not suitable for a tent. When he met the miners, he saw that the lack of pants was strong enough for them. Levi then measured the body of the miner he’d found and went to the tailor to make his pants with the canvas he was carrying.

The canvas pants were then sold to the miner, and the miner came to love them very much. So it was then spread among the quarry workers about Levi’s pants, pants made by Levi, which later became known as “jeans.”  The term jeans come from French Genoa (genes), where the cloth was produced. In advance, Jacob W. Davis equipped jeans with a small round metal called rivets set in the jeans pocket to prevent the jeans’ rip while the miners dug the gold.

With durable, tenacious materials, the jeans were initially reserved for miners. But now, this American cultural product is used by familiar people in many countries. Levi’s jeans became a big business spreading across the world. Jeans with innovative models have become the favourite pants for most people. 

According to BBC, jeans will always be popular all the time for some of the following reasons:

  • Jeans can be worn anytime, anywhere, and at any event. You can easily match jeans with various fashion items such as t-shirts, slippers, sneakers, heels, etc.
  • Jeans are worn and favoured by all societies, from officials to commoners and conglomerates to the poor, men and women, young and old.
  • Jeans are easy to find because most clothing stores sell them. Jeans are sold at standard to fantastic prices. For quality, you will get what we pay for.
  • Jeans can be washed or ironed infrequently. Josh Le, a student at University of Alberta microbiology, did research on unwashed jeans for 15 months. Then he retested it two weeks after washing it and found that the jeans’ bacterial content was unchanged.

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