The Beam of Light

The sound of scorn didn’t stop him 
To reach the beam of light
 And when she looks at him,
The world stopped for awhile
He felt the gleam within him
Yet, he had no idea what it really was

Although he knows there’s much to fear
He was running like the wind blows
Faster than the speeding light
Because he believes in one thing,
That miracle can happen every time
Who knows words could change a thing?

All the things that his heart says,
Listen to love and always
Even if it breaks him into pieces
Yet, there is nothing greater than love,
For it could lead his way
To the home he dearly missed.

Word of the day

beam of light: seberkas cahaya

scorn: cemoohan

gleam: pancaran cahaya

wind blows: angin yang bertiup

speeding light: kecepatan cahaya

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