Life in Ketapang Village is very harmonious. They live side by side despite their different ethnicity. One of them is Memey’s Chinese ethnicity, and Niska is her friend, a local person. 

Memey and Niska decorate the cherry blossom tree by hanging Angpao on the tree because tomorrow is Chinese New Year.

“Wow, so many angpao on the tree. It looks so beautiful.” Niska said.

“Yeah, I will give you angpao tomorrow. You have to come wearing red clothes.” Memey said.

“Why should I wear red clothes?” Niska was confused. 

“Because red is the symbol of fortune in Chinese New Year. Who knows you will get a lot of angpao if you wear red clothes, right?” Memey explains.

“It’s a good idea. I will wear red clothes. See you tomorrow.” Niska prepared her bag and went home.

In the night, Memey broke her piggy bank and put a ten thousand in the angpao, and her mother heard it.

“What are you doing, Memey?” Her mother was shocked because Memey broke her piggy bank.

“I want to give Niska angpao tomorrow, Mom.” Answered Memey while counting the money she had.

“Oh, baby. You can’t do that.” Her mother answered.

“Why, Mom?” She asked.

“Only married people can give angpao because if an unmarried person violates the law, they still give angpao. It is fear that the person will find it difficult to find a mate.” Her mother explains.

“So, what should I do? I already promised Niska that I would give her some angpao.” Memey felt sad and had tears because she did not want to break her promise.

“Don’t worry, Honey. I will give Niska angpao and explain it.” Her mother comforted her.

“Alright, Mom. Thank you for being so helpful.” Memey hugged her mother.

“Of course. So, it’s time to sleep. We should wake up early tomorrow.” Her mother goes out of Memey’s bedroom. 

Niska and her family visited wearing red clothes and saying “Gong xi fa cai,” like a prayer to get much wealth or prosperity. 

“I have kept my promise to wear red clothes. It’s time for you to keep your promise.” Niska said.”Hmm, I’m sorry.” Memey can’t hold back her tears because she had never broken her promise all this time.

She ran to her mother and hugged her mother

“Oh no-no-no. You can’t cry today. It will lose your luck, Honey.” Her mother tries to make Memey calm.

“What happened, Memey? Have I made a mistake?” Niska was shocked and felt sad.

Memey’s mother explains and tells Niska that Memey can’t give her angpao. Niska understands that, and Memey says sorry to Niksa because,for the first time, she can’t keep her promise.

After that, Memey’s mother will give Angpao to Memey and Niska.

“Kamsia, Mom.” Memey said.

“What is kamsia?” Niska whispers to Memey.”

“It means thank you,” Memey answered.

“Kamsia, Memey’s mother.” Niska follows Memey’s language. 

They laughed together because they heard Niska say kamsia for the first time. Memey’s sadness disappeared because her best friend, Niska, was not angry with her. Then they celebrate Chinese New Year with fireworks in front of Memey’s house and laugh happily together.

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