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Almost a long time, I was in this room. This room only contained one bed, a glass cabinet, and a table in front of the window. The room had many various books which comics, and novels. Lisa is the owner of this room, and she has put me down in a glass cabinet. The place neat and clean, surrounded by colorful tumbler lights. I felt like I was in a luxurious glass palace. I could see other objects interacting and could see they laughed and smiled. Lisa always brought me to church, then touched, kissed, and also put me in her bag. I feel loved and respected by her. They covered me with various colors like pink and white on my body that can make me look beautiful and funny. It is a fun thing, but I was alone. I had no friends to talk with because I am locked in this glass cabinet.

Suddenly I heard there was a sound of thunder and lightning visible from outside the window. Usually, Lisa took me to church every Sunday, but today she took me to the table near the window and put me beside a comic. There was the comic, and it was square like me. A comic looked strange because it had a picture of the body. The comic looked dull, and the cover has torn. The comic looked at me so sharply, like want to tear me apart. “Hey! I am a comic. Why do you look so neat and clean? Where comes from?” Asked the comic.

“My name is the Bible. I from the glass cabinet near the bed. I never interact with other books. I had to go out every Sunday to church and meet other Bibles at church, but we can not talk in the church, and I have to look clean at all times, and Lisa always takes good care of me…”I answered with a smile and confidence.
“How arrogant you are! Do you think you are special! Hahaha..,” Said the comic by looking at me so sarcastically.
I did not dare to answer, because comic eyes showed hatred towards me. I did not want to have enemies, even though I felt sad for the first time to have friends, but I hurt them with my words.
Spontaneously she came and brought The comic to a box that contained a lot of the same books as comics and novels. I felt jealous because comics had a lot of friends. They could be talked and played together.
“Hey, Bible! Look at this. They are my friends. Even though we do not look neat and clean like you, but we are happy because we can make humans laugh.” The comic word shouted at me from inside that cardboard box.
I do not know what I did wrong. I am just telling the truth. Why did The comic think of me as arrogant? I felt wanted to let out tears. Suddenly, Lisa touched and kissed me before opened the first page of my body. It made my heart calm and happy. Probably I did not have any friends and cannot make people laughed, but I was in love with myself because I can make people comfortable when reading me.
I heard there was the sang sound of “Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallel-u-u-u-ah ….” from the speaker over there.
The atmosphere in the room was like a church. We can not go to the church because of coronavirus. After reading me, Lisa put me again on the table, and then she walked outside of the room.
I heard the comics shouted. “Hey, arrogant! Why are you so annoying. I hate you!”
“Why? Why you hate me, comic?” I asked.
“Because you are arrogant!” the comic said.
“What have I done to make you say I am arrogant? I just told you the truth,” I tried to explain.
“Hahaha… You are a liar. You want to make me jealous because you come from a clean place, not like me. Is that true?” The comic said from the cardboard box.
“Oh, I know. You think I want to show off my place and want to make you envy? I should be jealous of you. You can talk to anyone and have lots of friends. It was not like me locked up in that clean place, but I did not have anyone to talked. Of course, you could make Lisa laugh, but I could not. Do I look arrogant for telling me what I am?” I said that while cried because I could not hold back my tears anymore. I felt so hurt and disappointed. I did not even do anything, but The comic could easily say I was arrogant. I just felt like having someone to talk to, but they judged me arrogant.
“I am sorry, Bible. Please do not cry. I did not know that you have a condition like that.” The comic said with teary eyes and worries.
“Shut up! What makes you are like kids. Remember! We are just inanimate objects. Do you have to debate about things like this?” said The novel has fed up with our debates.
“Wus shh…” Suddenly there was a sound of the wind that was so louder and strong. The window slammed so hard that my body swayed and fell.
“Aw… Oh, my bone.” I had broken my bone, but I remember I did not have a bone.
“Are oke?” said The novel and comic together, then they stared at each other and laughed.
I laughed too because this is the first time in history for me. After all, I can make people laughed. It is something that I had never expected before.
“I am okay, but I can not stand. I think I am going to die.” I am trying to be a joke, but nobody laughed.
We heard people opened the door, “Click…” we pretended to be silent. Lisa’s face looked panicked. She saw me lying on the floor and with the window wide opened. She lifted me and put me back into the glass cabinet. I felt sad and wanted to escape, but I could not move, and even she could not hear my cries. I saw the novel and the comic who looked at me sadly.
The novel shouted from the cardboard box. “See you again, Bible. You are a lucky book. I have a Bible friend; they are just like you: humble and kind. Of course, being made into a Bible is a gift. People will always respect you, be proud because you can make people feel comfortable and calm. They always needed you. When people get hurt, cheer them up, give them the best.”
“see you again Bible, Sorry for judging you as an arrogant book, I was just jealous, and I did not realize that I should be grateful for my situation. I am glad to know you, and I hope we can be friends forever,” Said the comic.
The situation like a song titled “See you again” Oh, I will tell you all about it when I see you again. When I see you again.

I could only smile and hold back my tears so as not to appear as a crybaby book.
After the sad moment, made us had a distance nearly 3 meters away. We only saw each other was smiled and send codes from the pages of our books. We could only communicate through what was on every page of our bodies. I felt so happy could communicate with The novel and The comic. We shared and talked about the contents of the writings on our bodies. It turned out that their bodies differ from mine. They were fictional books and the function to enter the reader.
My heart thinks Friends are sweet sugar
they are favorable friends
I will remember
Envy to someone was always there but did not easy to judge other people by the cover. We must know that everyone has created to have advantages and disadvantages, that has what should make us complement each other.

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